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Roger Rosenfeld

  Photo: Walter Swarthout


Mr. Rosenfeld is known for his outstanding, creative and beautiful photography. His photographs not only document but recreate, in great detail, his original experience of the locations where his photographs were taken.

Roger’s work is grounded through his extensive experience. After graduating from the University of Pittsburgh, he pursued intensive courses of study at The New York Institute of Photography, the School of Visual Arts and the Fashion Institute of Technology. He also headed the photography department at a major commercial studio in San Francisco.

His advertising photography has appeared nationwide, enhancing the sales and prestige of major corporations, including Apple Computer, Del Monte Foods, Dole Food Company, Spice Islands and The McKesson Corporation. He has now retired from his commercial career and is presently making fine art landscape photographs, for which he received praise from the noted, late photographers W. Eugene Smith and Wynn Bullock. 

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